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Nights In Minneapolis

Nikko Lafre

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Yeah the boy from the city, but I ain't been there in awhile though
I started doin' all the wrong things
So I had to leave town, had to lie low
Yeah, it's middle fingers to the 5-0
I'm yellin' free my nigga Slim from that low end
I remember when lil homie went and got a check
Had us rollin' through the strip in his old Benz
Damn, now I'm missing all my old friends
While I'm posted in Miami with some new nigga's
Don't get it wrong, man these folks are cool people
But I really can't trust but a few nigga's
And that gotta be the boys that I grew with
We was young and livin' life, it was too lit
In my home town, that's when I wasn't shit
But now I'm on everyone wanna know legit, word
Funny how it goes, back in high school I was fuckin' all the ho's
And I didn't have to worry bout a goddamn thing
But now I got bills, feel like I'm getting old
I wanna take it back to the long ass nights
So fuck it, Imma pack and book a long ass flight, back to Minnesota
Put the city on my shoulder, let them know I'm coming home, I fee like it's only right

I miss them nights
I'm going back to the nights, I'm going back to the nights
The nights in Minneapolis (4X)

When I left I was flying coach, but comin' back I'm in first class
Drew and West, came and got me from the airport
Them been my homie since the days we were skippin class
We was livin fast, til our brother past
R.I.P. that nigga Beezy, I'll say that forever
Cause all I got up in this world is my fuckin' nigga's
So whether Heaven, hell, or Earth, we gonna stay together
Hit up Brandon, told that nigga that I'm in the App
We bout to pull up on you nigga, tell me where you at
Went and got him, bought some weed and we blew the pack
Brought some bitches to the crib and they threw it back
Now the homie's say I'm back to my old ways
Like I'm starting from the jump man that's what it seem
My city love my like I'm Prince in them old days
And if you grew up where I grew up then you know what I mean

I miss them nights
I'm going back to the nights, I'm going back to the nights
The nights in Minneapolis (4X)

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