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Champion (feat. Nas, Drake, Young Jeezy)

Nicki Minaj

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This is celebration, this is levetation
Look at how you winnin now, this took dedication
This is meditation, higher education
This the official competitor elimination
I was takin trips with Web to move weight,
Came back to queens then hit up a new state
Bitches don't know the half like they flunked at math
Bitches ain't have cut up crack up in the stash
50 cent italian, icy flow
It's that run and get a dollar for a ice cream cone
Cuz they killed my little cousin Nicholas
But my memory's only happy images
This is for the hood, this is for the kids
This is for the single mothers, niggas doin biz
This one is for TT, Tweety, Viola, Shariki
Candice, Timby, Lauren, Iesha.

It's a celebration
Put it up for the ghetto
It's times like these
They know who we are by now
They know who we are.
Champion, a champion.

Yeah, okay, we made it to america
I remember when I used to stay with erica
Label transferred 20 million to comerica
Fuckin terrabus got me actin out of character
Young TO nigga, either ridin' range
The ferarri top down, screamin money ain't a thang
Tell me when I changed, girl, but only when I change
Cuz I live this shit for real, niggas know me in the game, they knowww
Makin' hits in 3 acre cribs
Cookin' up tryna eat nigga steak and ribs
I made a couple stars outta basic chicks
Nowadays blow the candles out, don't even make a wish
Havin good times, makin good money
Lot of bad bitches but they good to me
I make her do the splits for a rack
Wish you niggas good luck tryna get where I'm at
Straight like that

It's a celebration
Put it up for the ghetto
It's times like these
They know who we are by now
They know who we are.
Champion, a champion.

[Young Jeezy:]
Straight ballin in this bitch, jeremy lynch, mello.
Tell me one thing you won't do? settle.
Gimme one word for ya chain? yellow
Pocket full of money, black card, ghetto
Critics say I ain't in the game, A I?
So how you deal with the fame? STAY HIGH
Stay puttin down for the town, may I
What chu call a crib in the sky? play high
Half a mil in 3 weeks, yall did it like a champ
Wait a minute, every body pause for the photo
Somebody tell these loco ain't niggas, I'm global
Tell me what I gotta do to get this champagne goin
What I gotta do to get this coconut flowin
Don't let me in son, hundred bottles of the ace
Lemme in son, go money cases in my place let's celebrate

It's a celebration
Put it up for the ghetto
It's times like these
They know who we are by now
They know who we are.
Champion, a champion.

What up nicki? it's nasty. yeah. yeah yeah.
I sold my first 2 million dollars, I was 23.
I'm barely a man yet I had some killers under me
This ain't rated PG, this rated PJ.
Cuz that's where a nigga fuck, murder on replay
My 24th bday, I'm sailin to Bimini
You can see me on a yacht blastin Pac, little nah, I ain't greedy
I'm back to thuggin bitches that can make it and kiss other bitches,
My man sister like me, I don't fuck my brother's sister
I just aspire, desire to be different
My 10 year old plan just one year til finish
My list went like this: first thing to sever,
The difference in pussy white black latin or other
Here's a man who clearly isn't basic,
Waitin list just to hear me or witness the greatness
Loud laughter while writin my next chapter
Fast cash life, happily ever after

Gravadora: Cash Money Records
Faixa: 7

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