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Early To Rise

Nice & Smooth

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Aiyyo Greg Nice, what time is it

Early to rise
We gotta get paid
Early to bed
Yo, yo, we gotta get laid
I think it's time for us
To make fresh rhymes out of our heads

Early mornin, break of dawn'n
At the hotel, we be yawnin
Take off your clothes, take off mine
Sun is shinin I'm feelin fine
Stop it booty I don't wanna do the do
But I want the breakfast menu
C'mon, give me a big B-B.L.T
C'mon, give me a glass of vitamin C
Toast with butter, not a cover
If you burn it I'll want a-nother
Because I'm choosy and I'm small
I'm like Cinderella at the ball
I throw my hands, up in the air
I got the juice you never com-pare
Ladies shake your derriere
Homeboy, this ain't a fashion fair
Who's that booty over there
Whattup baby, what's your name
You oughta be in pictures, you know what I'm sayin

Early to rise
Yo, we gotta get paid
C'mon early to bed
We gotta get laid
I think it's time for us
To make fresh rhymes out of our heads

Rap czar, superstar
No limitation in my life and I'm known to go far
Live in the Bronx upon a street called Marion
Girls on the block call me a black Blake Carrington
Handsome as hell, I dress real swell
By the tone of my voice maybe you can tell that I
Shampoo with Prell and live life well
When I pass you on the street it's lack of failure smell
I'm gonna let you know that I'm divine competition
When I give a show don't front just pay admission
To see, the greatest rapper that will ever perform
Cause this is, a rap attack not a quiet storm
Went downtown to meet my girl
Light brown dimples and natural curls
Got to her school, what did I see
Some onionhead brother tryin to talk to my G
I said, I beg your pardon, no need for alarm
But I am the man with finesse and charm
A man of good nature no quiver or qualm
Didn't wanna have to do the boy no bodily harm
Told him Silvie is the girl that I came to pick up
And if he kept talkin to her he'd be pressin his luck
He said, I'm sorry Smooth Bee, I didn't recognize
Didn't recollect nor did I realize
That she was your girl, but it's no surprise
Cause when it comes to cutiepies you win first prize
So I thanked for the compliment then stepped off
Grabbed my girl, and jumped in my ride and broke North
Took her uptown so we could make love
Cause while she's in school I'm all she thinks of
Smooth Bee, the only MC
That's guaranteed to be free cause I posess the key, c'mon

Early to rise
We gotta get paid
C'mon early to bed
Yo, yo, we gotta get laid
I think it's time for us
To make fresh rhymes out of our heads

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