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Dope Not Hype

Nice & Smooth

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Dope not Hype its Dope its Dope
Dope not Hype its Dope Awee x3

I drink root cuz it makes me tipsy
I eat chicken when its crispy
Bread n knife from the Bronyx not Poughkeepsie
Let the little dip chew on the tips see
I meet doo doo rock n nudoo
Beg the little booty the old style screwed do
With a
Right or wrong
I aint lose
I drink booze when my girls on the blues
Beautiful dope on you can't refuse
When you take a nap set the clock on snooze
Black cat crush kick em for your skat
If I was pimp id wear a top hat
Sience im not a pimp it aint like that
When you do backflips your an acrobat

Sway to the side let the lyrics slide
Don't hide the vib just start the pride
Eagle trippin I'm not slippin
BM-Ride is what im whippin
Go ahead breakin in what its tippin

Dope not Hype its Dope its Dope
Dope not Hype its Dope Awee [2x]

Well ima hold this mic tight in my palm
Do my best with finness and charm
For thoes of you unfamiliar with me
My first name is Smooth last name B
Earned a reputation of a super MC
Right about now im gonna break till u leave
S on my name its for satasfaction
Pullin young ladies is a chain reaction
M means maskalin
Got dark brown eyes light brown skin
When im walkin rockin roll unda cova
Drop a motha slobba its one among the otha
2 inchs are the hours that i spend each day
Got the rymes to express what I have to say
That im a
Deffention baby verse time
These were the best MC to come along in the line
I got the magical force that u never thought existed
Telephone numba there unlisted
The air cardar in part of my hair
Shock the mic by popular demand
Quick never late always willin to mate
Thats without a dought there aint no debate
Before I go I want you all to know
That a Smooth B don't sniff no blow
My name smooth b yes i am a troopa
On my private house in lettin lord n supa
Prove to myself won't ever be a snoopa
Never try to hard to look like addy croopa
When im on the mic you shurly a prova
If i do steal then call me a hoova
Eat short and simple i don't like clowns
Like lady women the drap baby shams
From the south Bronyx is were I roam
Got a lotta respect im well known
Down with red knox part of my own
Stand six foot 1 im full grown
Got a excelent serves cuz im never home
And if i ever get dissed i violent own
Rock the beat'a seven days a week'a
Walk stright up no need to sleep
Look in your face no need to beef
When i first meet a girl i kiss her on the cheek
Yo surge if you find deep in your soul that ima
Only MC thats good to go

Dope not Hype its Dope its Dope
Dope not Hype its Dope Awee [2x]

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