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Jon Egan started this song, and it was wonderfully poetic, but not finished. We began working together on it because we both loved this idea of speaking the unspeakable name of God. “Yahweh” is the English derivative of “"YHWH,” which was used for the holiest name of God. “Adonai” was the most common name used in its place. However, because of the cross, Christ has become our mediator, our advocate and our intercessor. What was once unspeakable and unreachable has become the name on our lips and the arms that have pulled us close. We must always revere Him in His holiness, but now, through Christ, we have also received His invitation to intimacy.
During the last two years at New Life Church we have had to cling to both the “bigness” and “nearness” of God. His “imminence” as well as His “transcendence” have been so important to us as we have traversed the valley of disappointment and tragedy. “Yahweh” is a song that emphasizes God's immutability and eternal quality. “Yahweh” literally means that He is the Redeemer of all things by His own strength and power. He is the ancient One who is all-sufficient. He is the creator and sustainer of all things. We can trust Him because He is with us from our first cry to our dying breath. We can trust Him because He has always been and always will be the faithful One who is with us! He is Yahweh. - Ross Parsley

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