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Are You Down? (Album Version)

New Kids On The Block

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Danny: Yo, Jordan! What's up?
Jordan: Hey Danny! What's happening?
Oh, here comes little Joey Joe down the street
Joe: Ho! What's happenin' fellas?
Jordan: Yo, there's Jon, but has anyone seen Donnie?
Danny: I don't know, but I thought I saw him walking towards the
corner store.
Joe: Nah, he's at the park playing ball
Jon: Oh, here he comes now
(ad libbed greetings)
Donnie: Hey Guys!
Danny: Where have you been?
Donnie: Man, I've got a story to tell!
All: HIT IT!

Saw a homegirl at the corner store
Eyes started bugging, mouth fell to the floor
She had a miniskirt and a sexy pose
I tried to rap to her, but I just froze
Tell me now fellas, what can I do?
To make a girl like me, like a girl likes you?

Danny:Well Homeboy get ready!
Joe: 'Cause you want correcting
Jordan: 'Cause a girl needs love
All: And plenty of affection

Jon: If a girl were mine, I'd give her the world
I'd buy her diamonds and pearls just to make her my girl

Jordan: That might work with your girl, but not with mine.
She's not the type of girl to fall for any line

Joe: I'd take her out to dinner, treat her like a winner
I may be young, but I'm no beginner

Danny: All your ways are good, but not as good as mine
You have to be sincere for a girl that fine!

Baby, won't you please be mine?
Are you down?
Baby, won't you please be mine?
Are you down? HO!

Danny: Alright then, D., since you gave it a try
All: Tell us about the girl who caught your eye

It was after school and I was feeling cool
'Til I saw that girl and I started to drool
So I thought to myself, take it easily
I couldn't let peer pressure get the best of me
I thought to myself, what should I do?
That's when she came up on me and said 'I love you'

Donnie: Who me?
All: Yeah, you!
Donnie: Couldn't be!
All: But it's true!

Donnie: So I rushed back home to tell you guys,
But not before I got a quick kiss goodbye!

All: Did you meet her friends?
Donnie: Yeah, they looked def.
All: Yo, that was fresh!
Donnie: Word! Let's go left.
Jordan: So here goes the keys
Joe: On which it depends
Jordan: She's got
Joe: One!
Jordan: Two!
Danny: Three!
Jon: Four!
All: Fresh girlfriends!


Are you down?
Are you down?
(repeat 5x)


Are you down?
Are you down?

All: Joey Joe!
Joe: Nimble and quick.
You have to be def to be down with my clique

All: Jon!
Jon:You know I've got the style
When I go into a party all the girls go wild

All: Danny D!
Danny: The prince! Make no mistake.
I'm the MC devistating. So cool and I break.(dance)

All: Don-nie! Donnie: That's me, don't give me no slack!
I get loose with the juice, 'cause I got it like that

(Ad lib stuff)

Jordan: Here we go!

(All, followed by mechanical voice:)

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?

Mechanical Voice: PHAEDRA!(the girl who sings on Don't Give Up
On Me)
Are you down?

Are you down?

Are you down?
Are you down?


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