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(You Got Me) All Shook Up


ouvir : conectando
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Little by little, you put me in the middle
And I can’t stop the rain from falling down
Falling down like my world around me,
To drown me
I’m just shakin’ my head, looking for an answer
As I watch all my heartstrings unwind
No, I can’t hide from my worst suspicions,
I’ve listened
To every little tale she tells
Bought every little lie she sells

And now I’m all shook up
’cause I’ve been finding out a lot about you, girl
Just running ’round in circles over you, it’s true
Yes, I’m all shook up
You’ve got me all shook up

Minute by minute, got tired of stepping in it
And I can’t ride this train anymore
So what’s in store for a fool and a dreamer? I believed her
And now I’m speaking in tongues, lying to the mirror
I’m afraid that I still haven’t learned
Don’t be concerned if you see me crying, it’s only me dyin’
’cause everything I had is gone
Everything that’s right’s gone wrong


I don’t wanna play, I don’t wanna hear it
Nothing’s gonna change my mind
I say, hey, while you’re leavin’, tell me:
What’s so good about good-bye?
Good-bye, well good-bye!

Out chorus:
And now I’m all shook up
Finding out a lot about you, girl
Just running ’round in circles, so confused over you
That I’m all shook up
Because I’ve gotta learn to live without you, girl
The promise of tomorrow fades to blue thanks to you
Yes, I’m all shook up
Because I finally know the truth about you, girl
I’ll get through the darkness
And find the light, but tonight
I’m just all shook up
You’ve got me all shook up

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