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When I was sick and lonely,
what can admit it’s cold
Well I dreamed the sun was shining
as I walked the drifts of snow
Well don’t let it pack
on our only love you know

Wishing it was summer
weather this slow pace
well come on stop crying;
and wipe the ice from your face.
I don’t mind the freeze as long as you’re hear to hold
This blanket of frost is going to melt, I know
We know there’s some summer breeze
Watching over you and me
in our bitter leaves, we’ll be covered

We’re closer now,
we’re closer now,
than we ever been

We’re closer now,
we’re closer now,
than we’ ever been

Than we ever been
where the thaw began
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Can I face the wind
That I’m standing in
Well if I had a guess, it could only get so cold
You can sleep on a bench but maybe your just too old

Well in our frozen slumber
its stillness and its grace
And I whispered of the spring
And the warmth upon your face
When it all starts to melt,
you forget of the ice and snow
When waters rise, they carry you some place warm
I forget our colder dreams, together
and in our summer breeze, we’ll recover

We’re closer now,
we’re closer now,
than we ever been

We’re closer now,
we’re closer now,
than we ever been,
than we ever been

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