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Black & White Picture

Moot Davis

ouvir : conectando
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I got a black and white picture
of the man i used to be
features they all look the same
but i swear it ain’t me
i was young and always ready
but i never understood
some times the things i want
well them things ain’t no good
her hair was long and curly
and her eyes sparkled and shined
and when i walked down the boulavard
i held her hand in mine
we were set to marry early next spring
so i went into town
and i bought a ring
when from the pawn shop window
i couldn’t believe my eyes
there walked my wife to be arm n’ arm
with another guy
i traded that gold ring
for a silver .44
i loaded it right at the counter
and i walked out the door
i kept my distance
as i followed them down
to a little hotel
on the wrong side of town
i waited in the lobby
while they had their fun
and when they made their way down the stairs
i pulled out my gun
the moment they saw me
there was fear in their eyes
i leveled my .44
and i pulled the trigger twice
as her and her young lover
lay bleeding on the stairs
i turned my gun on everyone
cause i no longer cared
i shot the old porter
and the bell captin too
the front desk clerk
and a hotel guest
all before i was through
when the gun no longer fired
i threw it at the rest
and went and sat down next to my love
and awaited my arrest
as the sirens grew louder
and a crowd gathered round
i noticed something clenched
in her fist
that i hadn’t seen till now
i pryied her fingers open
wondering what it could be
when to my horror i saw
it was a picture of me
i got a black and white picture
of the man i used to be
features they all look the same
but i swear it ain’t me

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