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Money Mafia

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[Refrain: Master P]
All I want is power
Get this, get this money by the hour
That power, that power, that power
All I want is this power
Money brings me this power
[Hook: Master P] (x2)
All I want is power, money and the power
Money Mafia, middle fingers to you cowards
Her pussy got power, thats a different kind of power
Nigga work his ass off to get a million fuckin' dollars

[Verse 1: Master P]
And nobody gave me nothin, I started with a dream
Nigga call me Benson, way I put together this team
We all came from the struggle, but I came from the cream
They say the cream rise to the top, mothafucka what you mean?
I said my daddy out the brick, to my grandma that do huh?
Everybody that I left, nigga, they didn't want out
So I did it on my own, I don't owe nobody shit
I'm a hood nigga, but I'm mothafuckin' rich
And I'm ridin' in that Rolls Royce cause I made it
And this family shit done got crazy
For a million dollars your friends'll change
You might lose your fuckin' old lady
Ain't no limit to us gettin' paper
Nigga worked hard, middle fingers to you haters
Y'all can't stop us


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I got all this power
I got all this powder, plus I got all these downers
I got heavy fire power, I put the "pow" in power
Split your avocado, hair trigger, Polamalu
I’m the first to find out, the last to know
I’m the shit on the bathroom floor
Used to sell fake crack for soap
They don’t make soap like that no more
You live by the gavel or by the gun
Find out you tattle we chop ya' tongue
And mail that bitch to ya' momma house
With a note saying “We got ya son"
Im a beast, in these streets, nigga say that then
I just did, well say that again
Im a beast in these streets, nigga
Glock 40 on fleek, nigga
Blood gang, bitch
Respect them powers that be, nigga



[Verse 3: Gangsta]
I got street money, I drive fast cars
My '71 Cutlass look like a NASCARs
I got army guns, I tote pocket monsters
I run the hood, cause I control the youngsters

[Verse 4: Ace-B]
Oh I chase paper, not pussy
I've been gettin' it in, you can't overlook me
I'm mobbed up, the whole squad tough
No Limit, Money Mafia
We get it, we get it, these niggas be hatin'
We jump in the Ghost and we gone
Nigga we on, play games in the zone
One call and you're gone


[Outro: Master P]
Free C-Murda!
Antwan we in here!
Throw your hood up!
Throw your hood up!
Don't worry 'bout why we did it, just be glad we did it
Master P, Lil Wayne, Ace-B, Gangsta, that's power
No Limit forever, we in this bitch!
BlaqNMild on the beat, nigga

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