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Funky Fresh Dressed

Missy Elliott

ouvir : conectando
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feat. Ms. Jade
This is a Misdemeanor exclusive
If your is experiencing any kind of difficulties
Turn the volume up
Yes, turn the volume up
Yes, turn the volume up
This is an exclusive (Turn the volume up)

It's very necessary, on the contrary
No you do not scare me, as you drink your Bloody Mary
Police, you better hurry, before i have to bury
My attitude is bitchy, cuz my period is heavy
I used to drive a Chevy, put 20s on that baby
My nigga was the shit, but then that stupid nigga left me
so now I'm lovin' Larry, but Larry go with Terry
& Terry is a freak, but it's his baby she will carry
The life he lives is fairy, cartoon like "Tom & Jerry"
My flow is legendary & your style is temporary
Yeah, you need to worry, like Jason, it gets scary
The words that i spit don't fit in that catergory
Yes my vision blury My speech is very slurry
Me w/o Tim is like Jamaicans with no curry
& yes, it's necessary, so hurry, nigga, hurry
Cuz when this albulm drops, you whack MCs will get all buried

Funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party
Funky fresh dressed to impress (Turn the volume up)
(repeat 3x)

Your style's very crummy, that's why you have no money
You always lookin' bummy, i dont care if you dont love me
dont try to come before me, unless you are a dummy
Repeat, youll loose your teeth & i would hate to call you gummy
Rainy or sunny, battle no way, honey
This not a game of Hide-and-Seek, go call ya mummy
Its about to get so ugly, & ima keep ya'll runnin'
Hidin from me, cuz you know you are weak
you aint sayin nothin, i keep it jumpin jumpin
In your Kenwoods, I'm bumpin somethin in ya trunkin
You can say I'm buggin, cuz when I come out bustin
Thats why ya'll be discussin who i like & who i'm fuckin

Repeat Chorus

[Break: Timbaland]
C'mon, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon
Ficky, uh, uh, uh
C'mon, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon

(*beat changes)

[verse3:Ms. Jade]
Had a little homie named Paul Revere
Smoked blunt after blunt, guzzled 40s of beer
He would swear up & down every 1st of the year
He was gonna quit smokin, but he never did

Watch ya'll huskey, it's about that time
Gettin ready for the club 'round quarter til nine
Couple bottles of hypnotic in the back of the ride
Might spit like a girl, but i hit like a guy
Me & Missy ballin up the avenue
Funky fresh dressed to impress, we mackin dudes
Music biz only reason i aint jackin fools
You know bullshit walk & stackin rules
Niggas keeps drawin, the streets keep callin
Drink til i'm nice & uh, uh-uh, on'n
I'm bad luck, ya'll mad cuz ya'll suck
Please do not try to fuck with this young buck
Please do not try to fuck with this young buck

(*beat switches back to original)

repeat chorus

compositores: Glenn K Bolton, Melissa A Elliott, Timothy Z Mosley, Dwight Myers, James Todd Smith, Joseph Williams, Adam Keefe Horovitz, Arnold Hamilton, Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, Chevon Young, Darryl Matthews Mc Daniels, Derrick Jones, Douglas L Davis, Joseph Ward Si

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