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Mishal Moore

Oh Lord (Kay-Dee Version Part 1)

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Run run as fast as you can
Have to find your way
to that promise land
Oh sing, sing those tambourines
Life to your soul when the choir sings

Hope you are blessed with
faith happiness and
every little dream your heart desires
Take it from me
all these things ain't for free but
best to do what's right for you and love
love love love

Lord give me strength
to face everyday
Oh Lord give me strength
to face everyday

Wake wake don't mess around
You'll lose yourself before you even get found
Listen, listen thunder will roll
The very best of you may lose control
Don't stop trying
the hurt will subside in
time the boulevard will appear
Don't ask no questions
just thank God for you blessings
Hold on to the key of truth
and love love love love

You have all the power to decide what's best for you
Don't rely on no one else to show you what to do
I just say

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