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Mittens Up (feat. Elzhi & Dusty McFly)

Mike Posner

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Like a... fall and slow in ocean
Like a... hands high
And nick fly

I'm still tryin to do it big for my whole town
When I'm back we can go all night
Let me see those hands up, hands up in the sky

Let em clear my throat ah
Somebody take my coat alright
Got the... to the game oh good
I've been running around... down givin em on the fake number
Apologies for that I sorry I gotta keep my suitcase back
You can... stay
Go bang... dark...
Hey lady
I didin't catch your name lady
Let me do you good all night
'Cause the nose ring might as well bea... eye
Let me clear my throat

The goal was to go and get...
And stay away from...
And I done yet not quite
I'm back uo in your city never the same chick twice
Damn homie and high school was the man homie
Damn happen to you all my back is just sittin in the closet
'Cause I ain't have time to get an old spot yet
I'm just gonna gluide on the beat
And my... smooth the mother f*cker bingo
My mixtape shit going harder than your single
Let me clear my throat
What up dog?

... town great lakes, the tray stand up
Could we be caught the motor city
Cause we're livin in the fast lane
Get gas drivin a flash it's all of out cash game
Make doubt tryin to stay fly like a crash plane
Tryin to get pass pain... brain from... your ash lane
The whole hood is high off
Feels... with many... and they last vane
Shoppers at... she the one...
And I ain't bullshit in, the bullshit inside of this... so cold
Al right, we're going up... industry entities
We keep your eye on your role
Let me clear my throat

Look look

Dirty... hands up...
Bitches f*ck... shades
We call a... when we getting paid
So niggas tuff so make wind... grace
But look I still love ice in my rollie, love my nigga posie
Love nice at the...
When I' drunk off the rosie taxing the...
Telling her that I love her but I really don't
Let me clear my throat

2 x
I'm still tryin to do it big for my whole town
When I'm back we can go all night
Let me see those hands up in the sky

What up dog?
What up dog?

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