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Came To the Party


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[Hook: Offset]
(Came to party, came to party, came to party
Came to party, came to party, came to party)
White girls poppin' molly, running round the lobby
Touchin' on their body, fuckin' everybody
Throwin' money up at Follies, make these bitches swallow
Young Offset got plenty guala
(They came to party, they came to party, they came to party
They came to party, they came to party, they came to party)
You can come party with the Migos and won't go home til the morning
You can come party with the Migos and won't go home til the morning

[Verse 1: Offset]
You can come party with the Migos
Throwin' up the money like I'm Tebow
I came back in the game like DRose
Look at the Breitling black diamond like emo
Welcome to my party, got that bitch, she poppin' molly
Walk up in the trap house, got me sneezin' like they pollen
QC the label, my nigga, they solid
Hit them with the choppa, Master P body
Poppin' seal, no Mike Will we made it
I got my dick up in her mouth like Colgate
No deal, keep it real, no fugazi
I got a mill, I put the tats on my face
Have a party at the mansion with 20 acres
You got foes at the gate like you got hit with tasers
Fuck your bitch, I don't save her
She poppin' the molly bite down like a gator
Wanna have a party?
20-30 bitches in the lobby
Take her clothes off, we on an island
She can ride a nigga then she got the talent
I be layin' right on the money like a pallet
We be tossin' up the bitches like a salad
Trappin', dabbin', plus I'm havin'
Flip the bird, bought me a cabin
Wiped the semen off with a napkin

[Hook: Offset]

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I came to party, I drink lean, no Bacardi
OG gas taste so bad it smell like somebody farted
Old school Chevy t-top you can have the Ferrari
Wanna party all night, take molly all night, got a white girl screamin' gnarly
Stop lookin' over here, can't get in V.I.P
Wanna put the molly all up on your lips
Got a nice ass, got some nice hips
Wanna hop up in a nigga's spaceship
Wanna party
If you get out of line, I'mma shoot up the party
Pull up to the valet, gotta park a nigga Bugatti
When I hop off Versace, Giuseppe my toe, I got guap in my pocket
Look at my wrist, it got boogers on it, gotta know that they sloppy
Everybody welcome to my party, no Illuminati
No 2Pac, no Snoop Dogg, welcome to the gangster party


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
I came to party, 3 bitches menagin'
2 bitches give me back rubs
I want massages
You see yacht party on the islands
No Nick Cannon, but these bitches be wylin'
Ric Flair, how a nigga be stylin'
She suckin' and fuckin', you know her pussy got mileage
White bitches, snow bunnies, Mileys, bootin on molly
When they see me, get excited
Trap party, trappin' and dabbin' up at the Hyatt
007 James Bond, I'm movin' in silence
Niggas just like the ashes figured I try it
I'm feelin' like a doctor, all these fuckin' clients
Ya'll should bag it up, a young nigga get behind it
My jeweler up in the cooler you cannot find it
Before you walk my trap, I'm checkin' for the wires
I'm in the jungle with bears and lions and tigers
When I first seen a [?], nigga got inspired
A nigga trap in the nighttime, no Michael Myers
I be stackin' my money tall as the Eiffel Tower
Pull up on the block, I had to Forgiato my tires
Came to party with my niggas, they be gettin' it
Came to party with my bitches gettin' freaky
Hit the pussy with the right don't call me rookie
Benjamin Franklin takin' off bikinis

[Hook: Offset]

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