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Add It Up


ouvir : conectando
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[Intro: Quavo]
Ay, ay, count that money up, add it up!
Ay, run that check up, add it up!
Ay, count that knot right here, add it up!
Ay, run and go get that money over there, add it up!
Ay, go get the truckload, get the truckload, add it up!
Migos! Go!

[Hook: Quavo]
Got hundreds of p's, they comin' in, no Tonka truck
Fuck nigga, he don't believe me, he could go add it up
Add it up (x12)
The bricks just came in, the molly came in
The white just came in, you don't believe it, fuck nigga, add it up
Add it up (x9)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Add it up like a new calculator
In the trap with two guns like I'm Tomb Raider
Hop on the track with no pen or paper
We blowin' up, I got that detonator
You could add up the dope like accountants
Put that dope in the water, don't drown it
Add it up right now, bet it motherfuckin' lookin'
Like a nigga livin' up on a mountain
I dreamed I woke up in Phantoms, naked bitches in a mansion
I did my calculations, most of you rappers is imitatin'
They back on the island, I'm contemplatin'
Should I shoot to kill in my situation?
Mama said "Quavo, better stay patient!"
The dirt that I done you add up the cases


[Verse 2: Offset]
Beep! Fff!
That's that money machine and it's addin' up!
The trap is a bakery, whippin' and cookin'
The dope, I send it straight to Canada!
Young Offset trappin' in your area
Jungle fever, got the white and I marry her
I see Justin Bieber, the ghost is way scarier
Hit a juug, fifty bags of the good cannabis
All these other conversations irrelevant
If you ain't talkin' bout Benjamin Frank
Gold fingers like a trophy and painting
Got the 45., turn you to a sharp painting
My pockets is healthy, Zanotti Giuseppe
My money is stretching, my money athletic
Tyler Perry, makin' movies, they epic
I'm not the one from Cuba, that's my necklace


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
We fucked the world up when we dropped that "Versace"
It topped the chart, nigga, so add it up
"Versace", it got us a M and 'em
Don't believe me, fuck nigga, then count it up
Stealing my flow, we come to your show
Put you on camera and we embarrass ya
Fuck your management, and your manager
You is a amateur, choppa'll damage ya
Trappin' and cappin', had to make it happen
Trapper turned rapper, my mama happy
On the block trappin', don't serve undercovers
Snakes in that grass, they gon' get you on trouble
If I get jammed, put that on my mama
That I won't tell on my brother
In the bando and I'm countin' the fuck out the p's
Got rich off a pot and some water


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