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Devils Island


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The light that fills my lonely cell
Is blocked out by the key
That locks the door to this hell
The place they wanted me
Time's racing like the wind
Execution's near
Oh lord, I wait for death
And, yes, I have no fear
I recall that night, my every breath
And step along the way
Closed my eyes, walking
As danger paved the way
The devil, and the darkness
Let her evil wander free
Here on Devils Island
The final stop for me

Devils Island, Devils Island

Oh, there's no escape
The sea is full of sharks
Tide takes you away, and
Smash you on the rocks
The sun is shining
But feel not today
It's warmth, it's dying
And fading away

Devils Island, here I stay, Devils Island

Oh, hear the call
From the grave beyond
Oh, so pernicious
Her soul it creates song
As there is no man
That is here upon the earth
Able to terminate our
Noisome will since birth

The priest that reads the sermon
Is walking next to me
To the stake my last request
To have her burn with me
And so it did, the heavens opened
Rain began to fall
Final judgement came and
Was spread before you all
Final judgement

Old, weak, and feeble,
And the lesson taught to me
Stay away from evil,
She doesn't care for me
She haunts me in my sleep
Though I tore that page away
Here on Devils Island
I'll always have to stay

Devils Island, Devils Island
Here I am

Devils Island, Devils Island

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