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Hottest In Tha City

Meek Mill

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Hottest In The City [x4]
Ain't no body gonna top

Meek Milly I'm flammin
Hotter den da whip I came in, harder den da pavement
Droppin on dese niggas back to back I'm rainmaker
'Cause you the top noodle like Raymond[save it]
Boss Ricky Ross, stand tall City Hall
I'm the hottest in the city got dem rida niggas with me
When they let me out the cell I was bobbin like I'm Diddy
Den Omelly came to scoop with da choppa in his fizzy {like}
Like what it is, what's really good
I be anywhere, any block, any hood
All my niggas ride hard like a inny should
I be beastin these rap niggas like a skinny should
In yo area puffy on scovo, I jus wanna make a little change OBAMA
Me and Osama co-45ers get the bustin I ain't talkin yo mama {Nigga m the}

Hottest In The City [x4]
Ain't no body gonna top

It's Philly Mill, is he really real?
Hold up, let me tell dese niggas how I really feel
Bitch nigga come home for a stripe, start dissin niggas on a tape {fuck outta here}
Shout out to G-Raw, shout out to nigga Vok, shout out to black Neil real niggas on top
I'm on my different sht, can't stop won't stop
Send Omelly out with 30 and he ain't gon stop
He gonna do you niggas dirty like a floor mop
Hit you on the first row of bull shots, more shots
Heard about your little diss, you ain't drop
The mix tapes real niggas who ain't cop it
My bag oh ain't I, I'm in my bag oh ain't I
40 on my hip, one up in the chamber
30 in the clit, walk up like a stranger
You with all of dat, dey be like dats a flamer {'Cause I'm da}

Hottest In The City [x4]
Ain't no body gonna top

I spit flame, Luke Kane yea I finished him
I give it to em niggas raw like Dominicans[yea]
Hater, I got plenty dem but like Arsenial, I semmie dem really tho
Will is blue, fuck a nigga ass like Omelio, Niggas say I'm sick but I'm illy tho
I be on some shit behind prints till something hit me with a pretty hoe
Be on the southside but in North Philly tho, really tho
Bird by the pound, but crack by the o-z, I'm so fly all your hoes know me
Me, Oski, Haddy dropped the matix tough, hittin bitches like the batter up, you mad at dem
We gettin paper, hater how you made it? forty-orty, jump all on it we gettin major
Young player, more like Kobe play for the Lakers, with cavali Pardas in multi-color flavors

Hottest In The City [x4]
Ain't no body gonna top

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