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Dont Panic (Feat. Rick Ross Yo Gotti)

Meek Mill

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[Hook: Rick Ross]
Can't Panic, Don't Panic
They knocking, Don't Panic
It's them people in penny-loafers
They searching people and searching sofas
OH LORD! Can't Panic, Don't Panic
No time to plot it, No time to plan it
100 Keys up in the Attic! 100 Keys up in the Attic!

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Dirty ratchet Diesel, watching for them people
2 Birds in the Kitchen; 1 Brick, 1 Desert Eagle
If the Cops rush in, better flush it
Better pray to God they don't see you
Cause them F-E-D-S Boys want to L-I-F-and E you
So don't panic, don't panic, if they grab you
Don't panic, nigga dropping statements on the
Whole hood, they grabbed the nigga and he ramming
Got them young boys like 30 Years still walking
And he standing, let that would've been one of my
Niggas, bet you homie would've died quicker, my
Lawyer cost 100 Thou', nigga, rats telling with
No remorse, shoot at us, no reports, we shoot at them
They going to Court, fuck niggas want to go to War
Just make sure you could stand it, and when them boys
Start rushing, nigga, just don't panic

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
Pussy niggas panic, I could see they panties
Rain, Snow, or Sleet, I'm in these Streets and
It's so organic, WB but no Atlantic, play with
Me and I bet I'll handle it, 30 G's, 20 Shows
A Month, that's too much to count and too much
To manage, (hey) I'm on my dope boy shit, yeah
My car's White, motherfuck a hater, I done lived
A Hard Life, I'm swanging out my building, trying
To raise my children, top got no ceiling, Yo Gotti
Nigga Meek Milly, counted my first Million, that's
When my whole Life changed, I Pledge Allegiance to
Streets that I'll never Panic if them FEDS came
That's on everything, Money-Bag in the bread game, my
Partner and them is my partner and them, murder one or
Get gwop with them, I'm YO GOTTI!

[Hook: Rick Ross]

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