Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

I Wish You Well

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This goes out to you
And you and you
You know who you are

Hmm, hmm, hmm
When glory days
Turn to stormy nights
You must have been
So petrified
Didn't you
Didn't you feel so cold
You against the world
In a losing fight
Of your demons inside

So you sought an enemy
(I'm not your enemy
He lives in you
You know it's true)
Like times before
To mock ignorantly
(But the Lord said love
Love your enemy so just)
Take heed
To the Word it's time
Check Proverbs 19:29
Don't cry

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

I truly wanted solidarity
Still wearing
My blinders back then
(So much I didn't see)
I weep for what I dreamed
We all could be
I'll keep you in prayer
Till the end

Still bruised
Still walk on eggshells
Same frightened child
Hide to protect myself
(Can't believe I still need
To protect myself from you)
But you can't manipulate me
Like before
Examine first John
Chapter 4 verse 4

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

Be strong in the Lord
And power of His might

If my shows of gratitude
Are miniscule
Inside your mind, sorry
(I'm so sorry
Please forgive me)
There's only so much I can do
I love you
And did all that I could

Maybe when you're cursing me
You don't feel so incomplete
But we've all made mistakes
Felt the guilt and self-hate

I know you've been there
For me plenty
Maybe still got love for me
But let him without sin cast
The first stone brethren
But who remains standing then
Not you not I see
Phillipians 4:9
Put it into practice
And the God of Peace
Will be with you)

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

(He who the Son
Sets free is free indeed)
No weapon formed
Against me shall prosper
Surely God is my salvation
I will trust
And not be afraid
The Lord
The Lord is my salvation
I will trust in Him
I know that I know
That I know
That I know

But I have had God's help
To this very day
And so I stand here
And testify
To small and great alike
So the more you curse me
The more you're blessing me
The Word said it
Love your enemies

Do good to those
Who curse you
Pray for those
Who mistreat you
Psalms 129:2
They have greatly
Oppressed me
From my youth
But they have
Not gained
Victory over me
(In Jesus' name)

I wish you well

He that keeps his mind
State on the Lord
He will keep them
In perfect peace

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