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High Voltage

Linkin Park

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Just do smething to tell you who i am,ya know?

(it's high voltage you can shake the shock
because nobody wants it to stop you, check iit out)

It's high voltage you can shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out(4x)

I've been digging in the crates
Ever since I was living in spaces
Before the retrance
Before monkeys had humam traits
Mastered numerology
And bigbang theology
Perfomed lobotomies
With telekinetic psycology
Inveted the mic
So I could start blesen it
And chinchenkin kids to make my point
Like an impressionist
Many men have tried to shake us
But I'll twist my cords
Through double helixes
And show them what I'm made of
I buckle knees like leg braces
Cast the spell of instrumental-ness
And all of the emcees that hate us (So cry on)
Leave you without shoulder to cry on
From now to infinity
Let icons be bygones
I fire bomb
I've tried theats
But moved on to a promise
I stamp shit
With or without an acomplice
Mix media
The stamp of approval is on this

It's high voltage you can shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out(2x)

Put kink in the backbones
Of clones with microphones
Never satisfy my rhyme jones
Spraying bright day
Over what you might say
Blood type krylon technicolor type A
On pages of wind
And cages of fin
That bounce all around
Surround sound
Devorouring the scene
Subliminal gangrene paintings
Overall the same things
Sing song karaoke copy madness
Break bones verbally
With sticks and stone tactics
Fourth dimension
Combat convention
Write rhymes at ease
While the tracks stand at attention(Attention)
Meant to put you away
With pencil,pistol,offcial
16 line rhyme middile
While you risk you all
I pick out of your flaws
Spin, rah blah blah blah
You can say you saw

It's high voltage you can shake shock
Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out (8x)

(This production has been to you courtesy
of Mix Media, Akira, Mr.Hahn, and Hybrid Theory)

Gravadora: Mix Media Enterteinment
Faixa: 5

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