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FD: Who could be the boss, Look up to the cross,
Stranded, In the land of the lost,
Standin' up I'm sideways, I'm blazin' up the path,
Runnin' on the highways of wrath,
Choked up, by the smoke in the charcoal,
Lotta stamps and brands me like a barcode,
I'm dashin' all the media strikes, to keep the media dikes,
that's reinforced me for the fight,
And that alone will keep John Gotti on the phone,
I'm tanglin' on the zone, I got the bees on the track,
Where the fuck u at?

MM: Tacal

FD: Let me hear you bitches run your mouth now,

MM: Shut the fuck up

FD: I'm pluggin' in them social skills, to keep my total bills,
that run a million, the last time I checked it,
thank God I'm blessed with the mind that I wreckin',
wait until the second round then knock 'em out.

MM: They call me big john-STUD, my middle name-MUD,
dirty water flow, too much for you thug, I can't stand theflood,
what up doc? Hold big gun like Elmer Fudd, the sure shot,
Mister Meth, I'm unplugged, learn, temperatures too hot for sunblock,
burn, playin with minds that get you state time,
locked behind 12 bars, from a great mine,
killa bees in the club, with this ladybug,
brought his sword to the dance floor,
to cut a rug, love is love all day,
till they no slug, and take another life in cold blood,
can't feel me, till it's your blood,
murder is tremendous, crime is endless,
same shit different day,
father forgive us, they know not what they do,
all praise is due, I'm big like easy, and big bamboo

Chorus: What's that I didn't hear you,
shut the fuck up,
come on a little louder,
shut the fuck up,
everybody n 2 gether now,
shut the fuck up, just
shut the fuck up just, shut the fuck up(2x)

Method Man: Headstrong, deckhorn, get right on,
dead weight they dead wrong,
let's get it on, 12 rounds of throw down,
who whole crown, protect land with full pound,
limp bizkit, get around like merry-go, bust the scenario,
comin through your stereo, why risk it,
lifestyles of the prolific and gifted
essential vitamins and minerals delicious,
word on the street is, they bit my thesis,
knocked out they front teeth is, try to taste my,
actin' like they heard through the grape vine,
dope feedin' for the baseline, to provide by,
pharmaceuticals, hard as nails to the cuticles,
where'd you find that monster,
she beautiful, wu-tang and limp bizkit roll on the set
kick a hole in the speaker, pull a plug and inject

FD: Mic check, so what's it all about, and where we gonna run,
maybe we can
meet up on the sun,
discretion is advised, for the blood of virgin eyes,
limpin' on the track with the method, so get the sun block, yougettin' one
shot, until you dissolve I revolve around everything you got,from outta no
where, prepare, you be blinded by the glare, I told not to stare,now you've
turned into stone, without a microphone, but don't you forgetyour in the zone

MM: So shut the fuck up

FD: and take that shit back, cause all your shit's whack
MM: dil da wil dill dill
FD: When it's weighed out like that. Burnin' up your brain like apiston, SO
all those who didn't listen, Never even knew what they weremissin, and never
knew that the sky was falling down, wu-tang clan for the crown.


MM: It was over your head all day everyday S-I-N-Y, 1-0-3-0-4,wu-tang killa
bees, and the limp B-I-Z-K-I-T, ya'll know the time, y'all knowthe rhyme it
ain't easy bein' greasy, in the world full of cleanliness and,you know all
that other madness we gone, peace.


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