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Yo what up got Christian and Dino in the house Fear Factoryaction kick off this new joint here for all my homies
Separating the true breeds my friends and my family had thevision when the bounds now it's blowing up
props to the Field Dog with the funk through the campaign goldrecords and Champaign
Everlast for the tour on St. Patty's Chino, man we had a blastwith ya Deftones rock that microphones daily props to themaestro
Ross your an angel hey DJ wanna play that song Lethal we love youlike a brother
want to take a trip to the Flip side Jordan nothing more then Icould say see ya walking hand in hand
with the prophet Danny you took us to that fat man Harry, Tylerprops for the golden introduction we're coming from the town ofthe unknown Jacksonville's on the map look us up raising eyebrowswith the Jaguars kid better watch out line 'em up cheetah(indigo) yo Richard, Rob and Chuck (indigo) hook it up when Iwalk out on stage all headaches go away got the back from thesickest road crew Chris and Bobby for sticking to it Sugar Raytaught me life was all about drinking bow wow yippee yo yippeeyea to the funk doobi thanks for showing up all my brothers inKoRn I love you dad and momma I'm coming home what up to my girlSage Shawn, Teddy Swoze Indigo Ranch alive with the vibe Grun DigDanny in the Milk Bar Terry Parker you know what's up dialed intoThe Planet and God I love you

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