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Kevin Gates

Amnesia (feat. Doe B.)

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[Hook: Doe B]
Who the fuck that is? (x4)
I don't know that bitch
I don't know them either
Kinda look familiar
I done caught amnesia
Who the fuck that is? (x4)
I don't know that bitch
I don't know them either
Kinda look familiar
I done caught amnesia

[Verse 1: Doe B]
I done fucked so many hoes I can't keep count no more
Will somebody tell who hell nah he ain't got shit on Doe
My neck on freeze, my wrist on glow
I'm high as fuck, I'm sitting low
Want your ho, come get your ho
I got her walking pigeon toed
America next top model?
Right here in my condo?
I don't even know her name
I just asked her for a condom
And she look like Rihanna
Her ass is like humongous
She say she love my convo cause I kick shit like a punter
But I don't know her name
And she don't know me either
She just want the fame
I just wanna ball no teeth
Love me long time, love me, love me, long time
The reason all my dates be blind dates cause this charm of mine


[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
Dear Lord could you please have mercy
Rock hard, bitch on me twerkin'
Bitch like you stupid jerkin'
Look, I ain't grab your ass on purpose
Don't remember nothing, guess I'm getting worse
BMTP that's murder
Bring me the pussy, you ain't ever heard her?
Now we fucking in an old excursion
Getting head while I drive excursion
On the phone asking "Am I working?"
He must want me to hurt him
Instead of talking like its urgent
Where you know me from, I'm lost
Man you about to make me get off
It was hard, but it started soft
Fish scale, what the hell, that's raw
Hold shots, come get broke off
Two paws, oh God, that's the law
Shots fired, man down, what happened?
Envelope, beep phone, I stabbed him
Two shooters, you dummy, I'm coming, get the money
Got a bank roll in this bitch
Amnesia, I have that shit
Ask anything, I forget, quick


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