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Bring The Fire Out

Kardinal Offishall

ouvir : conectando
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Ho! Ho! Ho!
He go by the name of Kardinal niggas!

L-l-l-looky here here
Look who fronted and snuck in the rear rear
Imported like a Red Stripe beer beer
These clowns ain't
Showing nothing but tear tear tears
Yup for years I been on the pier
Watching everything pass
By but still no fear fear fear
Nah judge not, man a grudge to bloodclaat
Mi no watch dat mi back out the back back back
To the frontline, want mine NOPE!
I'm classic like an old hollowed out rope chain
It's me Kardinal, Black Jays on it now
Nuff respect but from you? I don't want it now

Ho! Bring the fire out!

B-b-b-but wait
If you put me in a box I would suf-fu-cate
How I dance with the dancehall
And hop with the hipsters
T Dot to the middle of Chi-town like Twista
Used to have a backpack on like Kanye
Then I dipped to the platinum now the words pay
Shout out to B, Lamont, the whole LA
Still rock the uptowns in Saint-Tropez
Cause I M-I (AYY!) just over in M-I (AYY!)
With a chick like M-I (AYY!)
UK to the (AYY!) I move with the best
And we rock everything nothing more
Nothing less like...

Ho! Bring the fire out!

Y-y-y-yes it's real
I came to let it out nothing is concealed
If the +Price Is Right+ better spin that wheel
And hope you got enough O's to get that deal
I'm an electrical attitude north of ya latitude
Did it on my own so keep your fake gratitude
Big problems I can't stay mad at you
Homegirl I got a lot of chicks that's bad as you
Now the world is my playpen
Girlies tryna get a touch NOPE! I'm taken
Tryna get my time I'm too busy caking
Tryna get it in Canadian-Jamaican UH!

HO! Bring the fire out!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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