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Johnny Alf

Little Boat (O Barquinho)

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A day of light a feast of sun
In a little boat with you
On a brilliant sea of blue
Full of the summer love is born
In this little boat for two
Sailing out into the blue

Without a plan this song began
We sailed out into the sea and the sun
Sent a soft, light kiss
To our boat, such bliss

(2nd time: Feel the sunlight’s kiss
Oh, my love, like this)

Back from the sea as evening falls,
In our little boat we sing
We don’t worry ’bout a thing
The southern isles, the clear blue sky
Are now visions of the heart
They’re the song we sing

For all is peace here in the calm
Only summer nights together
Can bring
As our boat drifts by
Under sunset skies
As our boat drifts by
Under sunset skies

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