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Life Goes On

Ja Rule

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This one goes out
To all my niggaz across the world
Going through that struggle
Feeling that pain
We wit you my niggaz
But no matter what God has planned for us
Know this
Life goes on

I pour out the liquor for (ohh)
I wish I wish I wish for (yeah)
For all my niggaz that's dead and gone (ohh yeah)
I'ma see you when I get there (life goes on)
I pour out the liquor for (ohh)
I wish I wish I wish for (yeah)
For all my niggaz that's dead and gone (ohh yeah)
I'ma see you when I get there (life goes on)

They say kill or be killed's the only way to live these days
So how come only my hood niggaz live this way
We put together the puzzle but still stuck in a maze
I put it all in perspective cause I'm coming of age
28 and I see more niggaz go to the grave
More mommas in pain
More murals wit names (ey)
Sometimes you look to the Lord to blame
And pray everyday wishing that things could change
Cause I'm just wishing you was here my niggaz
Wish that you could be wit me to ball my niggaz
Send a sign I'm on call niggaz
Promise to pick me up if I fall my niggaz
The way I wish y'all was still alive (I know)
Through memories y'all still alive (and I know)
Through my eyes in my mind you'll live 4 ever


I pour it out 4 my niggaz that's dead and gone
As 4 my niggaz in prison I throw it up cause I'm riding for 'em
*Big Black and *Lil Will them there my niggaz still
*Mu Tah and *Lil Itchy you know a nigga miss you
*Tron and *Lil Al *Bam *Skeet and *Younger Al
*Tron and *Lil Trap I wish y'all was still here
And I ain't a heard a word for more than 10 years
I feel that if I'd been there, he's still be here
But I'ma hold it down and ain't gon' cry about it
Cause I'ma holla atcha I'll see you in the next life
And I'll still be that same nigga
Still doin thug thizzle
Wearing the same ol' Dickies
Then we can drink the same Henny
Cause back then that's how we did it
So how could I 4get it
My three daughters and goals out the doors
I lost in the struggle
My homie and my oldest brother


What part of the game is this my nigga
Wish you was wit me in my 6 my nigga
While you was flipping them bricks I figure
I been flooding the streets wit hits my nigga
You told me give it my heart
I gave it my love
I gave it my life
But you was my blood
You bringing me pain dawg
But I'm on the grind
I'm trying to stay focused
I'm losing my mind
I'm missing you dearly
I wish you was here dawg
Fucking these hoes wit me
But instead I'm in tears
But when you passed it rained
And God's tears took away the fucking pain
So look man (ey)
I can't cry no more
You died once and you can't die no more (no more) (shit)
So they can't stop me now
The only way is if they pop me now
I'ma hold it down


Y'all niggaz got me feelin this shit in here man
V- I miss you
It's aiight tho
Life goes on
No matter what
Life goes on, right?
I wanna say to all my peoples
All my niggaz
All my family
Just in case I don't get a chance to
I love y'all
IG - Live goes on

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