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[Verse 1]
They say never meet your heroes
Never worship no false idols
Call me Baby Toes and that's my boss title
Finna blow: dynamite, snow: china white
Coke lines that I spilled
When I touchdown in my ci-ty
They telling me I'm the shit
Flow crazy as it can get
Designer flow while I'm designing clothes dropping this winter
She grip one my wood 'till it's time to go, she get a splinter
I think it's quite clear that I'm separate from these beginners
And my gang strong [?] thang long for dinner
I been-a 'bout business, bow-tie, finna stack millions
Multi hating ass niggas goin' try, tell em' cut that no lie
I can't see you niggas, but I'm not blind to the fact
Put my whole soul in the music, put my whole mind in the rap
Homie's been changing a lot, rappers still remain in a box
My raptors still remain in a box, cut chapters I be changing the plot
Raised in the Rich where you don't make it out
If you believe that then you won't make it out
Raised in the Rich where you don't make it out
If you believe that then you won't make it out, huh?

They can't stop me
Ain't no way, yeah, ain't no way
Ain't no way, yeah, ain't no way
No, they can't stop me (can't stop me, can't stop me, can't stop me)
Ain't no way (they can't stop me, can't stop me, can't stop me)
Ain't no way

[Verse 2]
Came in the game with a buck and some hope
Now I got hoes tryna tug on my rope
Quoting my quotes, drinking I'm floating like boats
Make a ho take off her clothes
I'm just tryna keep my little brother straight
Take my momma out the country on Mother's Day
I'm getting paid like the government
No MacDo's but I'm loving it
I got bankrolls and my nudies turn every club to a movie
So cash it all into strippers, I mean bankroll with they booty
And it's heartbreaks in my heart brakes, bitch I gas like car chase
Only hear what my god say, play these hoes like arcade
Cause I ride with the ones I came up with
Homie I ain't got time for no lame fuck shit
Got the game on tilt since I came up in
Hating on me, niggas ain't goin' win
No way, no how, just made ten thou off one show that whole thing sold out
Money, money, money, no ain't no brought
Hundreds, hundreds, hundreds, tell the bank go count that shit
And they better get it right, barely sleep at night
Always up on that grindy, fuck her one time it's over, no lying
And it's on my life, matter fact I put that on my gang
We the hottest out, no lie, ain't no way that shit's goin' change


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