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I Promised Once

The Invasion

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Here we are, unknown space
Here we are, drag me down to hell
Old & new, locked inside
Taste the nothingness
I'm your god

I create a world that's worth to carry on
Don’t pretend we can turn back anymore
Never say I lost my faith
Evolution born from grace
Divine judgement from my hands
There's no antidote
Rise, I can’t take anymore lies

Close the door erase your thoughts before you sleep
Darkest black is growing inside me
Eradicate humanity before we rise and I want to tell you this is destiny
Follow me

The enemy, the enemy within
Live or die
Drifting in the atmosphere
Your faith will disappear
You’ll die
Ever since I came into this world

This is the dying hour
A new DNA
The wolf will hunt the sheep and decimate their numbers
Serve in your heaven or reign over my hell
I will take my choice into my shallow grave
Isolated in the abyss left behind
Accept it
Just go to sleep my dear the new world waits

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