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I Promised Once


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Lock it up bury me
Hurry up a serenade
The flesh and bones
Trapped in depravity

Take all your demons down
Make all your freedoms turn around

Looking in the mirror lurking
See the flames and smell the ashes

I know you fear the fire consuming me
They won’t make me slow down
They will make me hold out

She took my heart and sold my soul and I got nowhere else to go
A distorted history, departed
It's not bullet proof at all
It's not bullet proof all along
I cannot stay in this tragedy

Don't you tell me lies tell me lies tell me why is the price so fucking high?
I can only rise from the lows to the highs no more blood from the eyes no fucking pain
No more life in disguise for what might be the right thing but I don't care
Don't you tell me lies tell me lies, so what?
Oh, Fucking hell!

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