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The things that I would do to you with just a couple seconds
I would color every moment, make you feel like it's forever
I'm comin' over, so you can start undressin'
I'm givin' you a chance to finally make a good impression
On me, yeah
On me, I'll make you feel like it's forever

Because it's clear I'm getting bigger
I know you visualize my figure
I was the one that made you look
At your old girl and reconsider
You see me in that black dress
On the first date
And I'm causin' frustration on your mind
Only in the best ways

Secretly I'm anxious, 'cause the thirst has never been mutual
It's unusual
That someone like you thinks I'm beautiful
It's beautiful, yeah
What we had was beautiful
Remember when you said...

The things that I would do to you with just a couple seconds
I would color every moment
Make you feel like it's forever baby
I'm coming over so you can start undressing
I hope this is my chance
To finally make a good impression on you, on you

But just when you think you have forever
He has you lost in your emotions
And you hate feeling so alone
And you're sinking because you know
You shouldn't have stayed until the morning
It wasn't worth all of the heartache
It wasn't worth all of the pleasure
Because you once were a diamond
He made you feel like buried treasure I guess

Nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever baby
Nothing lasts forever

The things that I loved to do you with just a couple seconds
You colored every moment, made it feel like it's forever
And after a while we lost a real connection
And I realized there's others using the time
We've been spending no more
I'm still lost, holding in all of the anger at the bottom of the ocean
And I thought you'd be my savior
I was distracted, unaware of his behavior
But when I started drowning I didn't know he was the anchor

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