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Big Plans (featuring Method Man) (Album Version)

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Baby I got big plans / A big ring small hand / A big cake bridesmaid best man /
One day we gon have all of that / Baby I got big plans / big ring small hand /
A big cake bridesmaid best man / One day we gon have all of that

Girl I know we just met tonight / And this may seem like a line / But I'm not the playa type / Normally you wouldn't find me / Under the club light / In search of the love of life / But you shaking that stuff right / I think I should make you my wife


You probably think I'm tryin to crush tonight / Cause I gotta look of lust
with crush in my eye / No matter what I say keep it tight / Keep away from me like superman and kryptonite / You see I'm not thinking short term / I've learned / Giving everybody turns comes out like a bad perm / You got the stuff I wanna beg to earn / Oh baby yeah


I know this sounds crazy boo / I ain't even known you two days/ and I'm opened to / The point that I'd proposed to you / Must think I'm some kind of fool don't you / You can call it wishful thinking but I'm thinking we gon jump that broom

Method Man
Back seat of my jeep lets swing an episode / Her neck and wrist all froze I'm
tryin to catch a cold / Clip in the tray / We sippin away on that zayg on the
mission / Slowly slippin away / Ain't life funny / Don't nothing move but that
money / Oh boy honies looking like playboy bunnies / The whole swagger / That
be the type that I go after / They get more attention cause their a**es more
fatter / And every dog gotta have her / But I ain't trying to make her un-comfy
/ Or cramp her style like I'm ugly / How many women want a man / With big plans
big feet and big hands / Ya understand why the daddy wears the big plans / I'm
big boned / And if this symbolizes my life I live long / My funny valentine
won't you be mine / 50 grand on the wedding band tell her G wine

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