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Close To Me


ouvir : conectando
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(50 Cent)
Unstoppable, incredible, impeccable, its-its the Unit
Whoop! Whoop! You know how we do it
Whoop! Whoop! I'll make you dance to it
Whoop! Whoop! Throw up ya hands to it
Go head, call em pops

(Chorus-Lloyd Banks)
Girl whats it gon take to have you close to me
Right by my side where you supposed to be
They start to notice you when they notice me
And you can have it all free of charge
I know you like European cars
Take, Take a look at my garage
Make, Make we can a-menage
Me in the middle and your legs to the stars

(50 Cent)
I got that Bentley, that Ferrari, that Lambo lean
My car game crazy, I can't be seen
That Aston, Bugatti, the Range and the Rolls
Got me freakin off with some high class hoes
You know with me man anything goes
I'll have shorty in the telly workin all 3 holes
Jesus, I betcha won't believe this
Unless I letcha see this, she deepthroat my whole car
Now I'm thinkin this bitch is so hot
I gotta take her to my hood, let her blow my whole block
Yeah I just happen to be what she like
She say I'm special, I'm like, "Yeah babe you're right"
A lil Goose, a lil Patron tonight
I'll have the club lookin like a fuckin Zoo aight
New music, you can't confuse it
With the other cliques or groups, its the Unit


(Lloyd Banks)
Uh, Shorty came over, I told her, I can mold her
Turn her, to a rider, rollin, with a roller
Hold her, like a cobra, bone her, til she sober
Fold her, in positions til its hard to bend over
I'm a very special kind, I can't let you shine
These rappers out they mind, don't compare to me combined
If you look at my design, my Louie fittin fine
My jewelry might blind, I'ma walkin white line
You can't get on my level, that'll take a lifetime
And I got it at 25, take your lifetime
I don't care about crime as long as its not mine
I'ma be fine, I'm stronger than white lines(?)
If your girl ain't home, til the early morn
She's prolly with the G-Unit gettin in on
I told her she's Miss Right, so I can't be wrong
And we went at it all night long


(Tony Yayo)
From 1 to 10, baby girl off the Richter
But I ain't trickin, I ain't Eliot Spitzer
Shake that ass, drop it low like a stripper
Shake that ass, drop it low like a stripper
I'm in the club again, with them drugs again
Same club, same spot, same girls again
Girls comin in, and we poppin dem bottles
By 12 O'clock, we be poppin dem models
Yeah, Falsetto, the club go crazy like,"OOH! OOH! OOH! Baby!"
Okay, bottle Rozay, girlie seen the Porsche and her friend like,"Heyyy"
Girl jump in, watch me go 0 to 60
Take you to the Ritz, slide off your Miss Sixties
I know you heard of 50, I know you heard of Yay
I Steve Nash these hoes, pass them all day


(50 Cent)
Its easy man, believe me man
This is the Unit, the Unit
This is how we do it
Banks, Yay, 50

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