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Must Be Nice (Feat. Johanna Fay)

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Wishin' I could say goodbye to being broke, and say hello to bread
But I'm broke and my grass looks yellow and dead
But the jello is red, and it's green in my bag
So I'll chill out and roll a cigarillo instead
I been waitin' for a minute
Feelin' as though I been comin' with it ever since the television was invented
I been looking thru the glass I just wanna get up in it
Seein' rappers on and they don't even know the business, like...
Like I'm knowin' that I'm better than you
Seein what these rappers gettin' to do
Going crazy
I ain't got much weed left, but my brethren do
Need some tree, need some whiskey an excedrin too
Man I'm stressed out... but it's looking up and thats a start
Might not be on the radio but this is art
I just wanna get by that's the biggest part
I'm in my 20s still feeling like a kid at heart
Lost in this young world, I'm just tryna navigate
See the pie sliced I'm just tryna grab a plate
We see commercials we infatuate
Wishing I was born rich with a fat estate

Must be nice
To wake up to a beautiful view
Must be nice
To be a one-per-center in the chosen few
Must be nice
To live a life of luxury
Must be nice
Must be nice

And when we fast forward to the good life's a hell of a trip
Except now-a-days its like my whole perspective is flipped
Used to wish that I would have shows
Now I tour 6 months out the year and its nothin now to bag ho's
Blowin kush when I wake up yeah the scent is strong
Then I'm pulling these balenciaga denims on
One leg at a time just like you
Except I'm making gold records from a nice view
Tryna stay humble while I get cashed out
Racks on racks, credit cards never maxed out
Making more then my parents did
That ain't saying much, but its still a mind fuck, yeah
Eating out, reading menus slow
Back then my wallet would decide what I chose
Now its white table cloths wearing nice clothes
Flying out for shows and my whole team goes

Must be nice
To wake up to a beautiful view
Must be nice
To be a one-per-center in the chosen few
Must be nice
To live a life of luxury
Must be nice
Must be nice

Must Be Nice
Gravadora: The Blackwood Renegades
Faixa: 1

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