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Mad (Feat. Devon Baldwin)


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[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Yeah, I swear I fall in love
With every gorgeous face
Can’t tell when it’s for real
Or if it’s only for the chase
Never poor mistakes
Always sure to win this race
And she was starin’ like it was no one else up in this place
So I throwed one back
Ice is all that go with Jack
Goin’ ham, I’m buyin’ drinks
I’ll mess around and blow a stack
Oh, and most of all these other fools you know is wack
But sleep with me, you won’t be goin’ back
But why are we talking all up in this club?
Should be on a bed or a couch or a rug
If I’m too blunt, it’s probably because
I’m feeling these drinks that I’ve already chugged
My apologies, your qualities are perfect
And if you let me take you somewhere
Bet you it’d be worth it, so

[Hook: Devon Baldwin]
I know something we both can do
But first I gotta be alone with you
I need ya so bad
My love, you drive me mad

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
You’ve got me goin’ mad
Crazy, just a tad
All that I can think about
I need you so bad
I swear this is the whole truth
All that I can tell you
And this ain’t even game
Or no dream I’m tryna sell you
My darling, you’re the baddest, ass is the fattest
I want you tonight like Glados
Are you single? What’s your status?
I can see you on my mattress
I know you been on that Drizzy
You been busy with some practice
If you’re down just let me know
She told me there’s a place that we could go
I said please, passin keys in the bathroom, doin’ blow
So let’s bounce
But let’s keep this on the low
Just so they don’t know exactly where we went to go

[Hook: Devon Baldwin] (x4)

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