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Late to my own release party man I'm tore up and I'm plastered
Sorta happy I ain't blow up any faster
Now I'm wishing it would slow up, let me capture -
Experiences, while I grow up as a bachelor

Makin skrilla while I'm traveling the atlas
When it comes to raps they can't touch me like a cactus
Everything from this point backwards was practice
Now I'm making classics, and sleeping with an actress

I guess... I just wasn't doing what the rest was
Even if it meant they always used to show me less love
Now it's always shows at the best clubs
The best parties, best girls and the best drugs

See a deal is what a dummy runs after
DIY swag bet your business comes faster
I started at the floor, now I'm living on tour
You appreciate it more, when the money comes after

The hard work and dedication it requires
My flow is even hotter than the air inside dryers
With a match under A&R's chairs making fires
Tryna cash a check to satisfy my desires

Crops taste better when you harvest them yourself
They talk a lot but you should be the hardest on yourself
And my only advice, is take a look inside the mirror
Stop rapping now if you don't see an artist in yourself

Whats the difference between me and you?
About 5 beats a day for 3 summers on 2 CPUs
Tryna catch a space ship to the moon
I know what I been working for is coming so soon

Everyday I'm gettin money burnin good tree
Life is turning into everything it should be
Never ever slowing down why would we?
Life is turning into everything it should be


Gravadora: G-Eazy LLC
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