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Jealous (Clean Version)

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What its go come in with a verse?

Drive real fast cars, rags to riches
They hate to see the type of shit that we on
The ice on chill, shoe game nasty
The bank roll won't even fold
These niggas jealous
I can see it in they faces, they wanna trade places
These niggas jealous
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
These niggas jealous

[Verse 1]
Haters coming faster then I ever seen them come before
Racks on racks they say I was a one hit wonder, where I go
To the top where I belong, Im from the corner slanging stones
20 mixtapes in a year, you know the type of shit I'm on
Fly, shit, only, thats just the code that I live by
Tell me I can't do it, it won't work, and Ima' still try
Try to hold me back and doubted me, they did it several times
You can never underestimate a nigga like my kind
Ima' rebel, Im a warrior, and I'll destroy ya
All these dues I paid you go need more than a judge of lawyers
You put my back against the wall, Ima' come out standing tall


[Verse 2]
Money multiplying, soon flatline
Yall niggas can't even see me in the daytime
Bank' America on speed dail, Im eatin' now
Stacking every penny just incase I go to war with yall
Im just a young hood nigga with a lot of class
& im swagging you niggas, body bags
You see the way I perform, these girls is loving my charm
I love my city and they love me back
My chain looking like a camera when it flash
Im hungry for that money, and Im getting cash
Im in that big body with 200 on the dash


[Verse 3]
You want that hermes shit, I got it for ya
You want that ysl, I got it for ya
I went from rags to riches and now I'm spoiled
I know some Freeband Gang niggas who loyal
They said we wouldn't be shit, but some finessers
Now we pulling up in them fully loaded compressors
And now the tables have turned, I moved on
It ain't no animosity, I moved on
And they dont wanna see you make it where I come from
And they don't like it that I'm famous no uh uh
You need to take a look at what I dun become
How many niggas you know can turn nothing into something


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