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Yo, this fucker I was wit the other day, I was chillin'
with Scott and the minute that we got in front of our
crib with a shotgun. Cause jokers gonna be bustin' up
in there trying to get food, clothing, shelter, TV's, forks,
radios or whatever they can get there hands on. Shit
is getting mad ill out here man. Joker's running out here
like with MASKS on; I was with my man Pee, he think
he like Charlie Chan or Robert De Niro
or Bruce Lee or some shit, jumping from behind trees on
Muhfuckas, like Cowboys BANG BANG or whatever you
know. Trying to shoot a joker he had beef with, he wound
up shootin my man up in the street, tyring to be Cowboys
they can't even shoot, trying to be gangsta's but when the
Beast come on the muthafuckin' block everybody break out.
They beat my man Bob G. up the other day, cops, pigs vampin'
on him, everybody just standin' around just watching that
shit take place. Cause they only gangsta's when it comes to
being gangsta's to themselves. They want to be Corleone, Luigi,
or Gambino or Gotti or whatever the fuck. They run around callin'
themselves Rahiem or Fuquan or Mustapha cause we think they
got power, but fuck them, I got power. I got power, I got family,
I got Family Business on Avon, on Chancellor, on Prince Street
on Chadwick, on Stratford on Chancellor on Vailsburg. All of the
Brick City. That's my family, we gonna settle The SCORE, once
and for all. I'm not lettin' nobody I'm going out like
a bandit. And all of these ZEALOTS trying to steal and trying to
bite what I got like all of these big record companies, these
corporations these stores they try to rob me. Naw man, I'm going,
I'm a get mine. Me and my girl we gonna go out together
we gonna be a soldier kid. When I go out, she go out. And we
gonna make what we believe Manifest cause if you ain't Ready
now, you ain't never gonna be ready . . .
I'm always ready.

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