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Remember everybody ain't loyal
You soft as gelatin, sick of telling them, nigga show 'em
It's coca in the pot, nigga drop it and let it boil
Goofy niggas make me nervous, ain't serve 'em if I ain't know 'em
Eastside, sleeping in my dope house clothes
Run down pair of Jordans and some dirty Girbauds
Sucker coming with a short, he get extorted, exposed
Nigga stand on my own two balls, my dick and ten toes
Straight to the tippy top
Hear this nigga spitting it, whether I got a hit or not
I hit it with the whip, they notice it when they hit the rock
I'm just a cocaina chemist
Cooking, chopping and cutting, you'll die if I push a button
Niggas heard of me, now all of a sudden they back to thugging
If I never sell a record might catch me hot water juggin'
The D.A. want me gone, say I'm detriment to the public
Took his daughter, put this dick in her butt
And said "how you love it, bitch?''
Remember everybody ain't loyal
Cause all the real niggas in jail or deep in the soil
Dancing with the devil or eating fish with the Lord
Gotta spit it how I live it, I beat the street and report, nigga
All the real niggas either in jail or deep in the soil, nigga

The world ain't big enough for both of us
Batter up, now you pussy niggas getting fucked
Straight raw with infection, passing no prophylactic
Eastside, anybody killa, my niggas active
Smoking and breaking a 7 up in a 6-5-0
Babyface Gangsta I been slanging, banging since 9-4
I thought the world was at my feet when I linked up with Snow
But I refuse to be his flunkie, so we don't kick it no mo'
Straight to the facts, nigga
I looked up to you, put that on my momma
Signed a deal with you and never asked you for a dollar
Cause I was down with CTE, plus I was getting cheese
I played my fuck ass contract, what the lick read?
Thought I'd say this shit cause you ain't man enough to come discuss it
You wanna be Jay-Z? Nigga you just a fucking puppet
Gary boys ain't 'bout talkin', so bitch I had to show ya
Don't make me expose you to those that don't know ya
Man you said you the realest nigga in this motherfucker, check it
But Ross had you scared to drop a diss record
No nuts, got the whole team looking weak
Guess that's why they ran up on you at the BET
L.A. red carpet, yeah, I was geeked
You couldn't take security, so we ain't take a seat
I played the fool before, but yo a ho I'll never be
They searched that tour bus in Milwaukee, had that .44 with me
ESGN and to the end, I feed the killers
Pray the Lord'll take my breath before I be like this monkey nigga
Just a whole lot of rapping, but no motherfucking action
Seen Gucci by himself while we was 30 deep at Magic
And you didn't bust a grape, was shook from the gate
It make it seem to me the gangsta shit you kick be fake
Cause all my enemies, I put them suckers in their place
So take them shades up of your eyes, and look me in my fucking face
Cause I'm a motherfucking rare breed
The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again
Don't reproduce nothin' but evil seeds
I'm rapping and trapping and still ducking these F-E-D's
But BMF was sticking you for your fucking cheese
And yeah I know you sold the blow and whipped the hard
But underneath the fucking money you's a fucking mark
Take heed to my statements, because they might throw you
Don't make me expose you to those who don't know you
Snowman Killa

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