Frank Sinatra

Why Should'nt It Happen To Us (Album Version)

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Never argue with your heart,
It isn't smart, it isn't sound
Love don't know from season,
Logic, rhyme or reason
Love can be found in every port
Love gets around, in short

It has happened to a cricket in a thicket,
It has happened on a streetcar and a bus,
There has even been a rumor
It has happened to a puma,
Why shouldn't it happen to us?
It has happened to the mamma of a lama,
To a pelican and to an octopus,
Since it happened to the swordfish,
It no longer is a "board fish"

Why shouldn't it happen to us?
It's elusive, profusive,
Nobody has an exclusive
On love, man, beast or dove,
Take the regal old eagle,
The porcupine and the beagle,
Yes the kangaroo all pitch woo,
It happened to a tuna at Laguna,
To a girl named Myrtle and a guy named Gus,
Why a lot of sense come to me
By the shores of Isagumi,
Why shouldn't it happen to us?

Oh the busy little hornet doesn't scorn it,
To ignore it really is ridiculous,
It's a ritual in Turkey,
Motanique in Albuquerque

Why shouldn't it happen to us?
There's no ration on passion,
L'amour is always in fashion,
It wings beggars and kings,
Take the cheetah and eeta,
The halibut and the mosquito,
Yes, and billy-goats feel their oats,
Oh it thrills the tiny sparrow to its marrow,
And the armadillo deems it super-plus,
Why our ancient barnyard rooster
Finds it quite a morale booster,
Why shouldn't it happen to us?

I had even heard a reindeer whisper
"Please, say that again, dear,"
Why, oh why, shouldn't it happen to us?

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