Fall Out Boy

The Mighty Fall (Feat. Big Sean)

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[Verse 1]
Did you trip down 12 steps into Malibu (Malibu)
So why the hell is there a light that’s keeping us forever
Bel Air baby did you get dressed up?
Pretty pout pout (While you bottomed out out)
I can’t stop it when there’s chemicals keeping us together

I’m singing “Whoa…”
How the mighty fall, the mighty fall…
The mighty fall…
How the mighty fall, the mighty fall
The mighty fall…
Oh, how the mighty fall in love

[Verse 2]
Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme
And I’m dizzy on dreams (yeah you’re dizzy on dreams)
But if you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one
B-baby we should’ve left our love
In the gutter where we found it gGutter where we found it)
Cause you think you think your only crime is that you got caught


It’s getting clear
You’re never coming clean
So I’ll lock you up inside
And swallow
Swallow the key

[Verse 3]
I’m drivin’ and I can’t stop staring at my eyelids, but
Even though my eyes closed, I still see you
I just hope when you see me I’m not see-through
You know how we do
Sometimes I swear I need a day just for me to lay
With some TNA, but the way we do is deeper, baby
Straight up chemistry, DNA
Make me want to give you ever dollar out my B of A
Like – I let her climb on top
I’m either fuckin’ or workin’, so the grind don’t stop
They say I’ve got screws missing, well Hell, only when I’m missing you
Hell yeah I’m a dick, girl – addicted to you


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