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She Bad Bad (Remix) (Feat. Pusha T and Juicy J)


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Bad, bad, bad, bad, she bad, bad, oh…
Oh, she bad, bad…

Oh, she bad, bad – oh, she bad, bad
Oh, she bad, bad – oh, she bad, bad
Oh, she bad, bad – oh, she bad, bad
Oh, she bad, bad – oh, she bad, bad

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Oh, she bad, bad – you know she that bad
Potluck Push, dip your hand in my grab bag
Matte black Benz perfect for my black ass
Only know who’s in it when I open the back half
Hot as a backdraft, they know he on fire
Any nigga deny it, you call his mother a liar
Only here to inspire, if she like it, I buy it
Tryna take a ghetto chic and put het up on designer
She don’t fuck with the buyers, all she know is suppliers
How to watch the drug money, hide it under the dryers
Oh, she bad, bad – so fly she jetlagged
Eve, let ‘em go, we both that the best last


[Verse 2: Eve]
Yeah, that’s right, I’m badder than ‘em
E-V-E, the cataclysm
Blow ‘em out the fuckin’ water
Kill ‘em dead, call the slaughter
Ain’t my fault, I had it built up
Had to get it out my system
Now I’m back
Forget about them other chicks, man, you won’t miss ‘em
Yeah, E-V-E hungry like a lion
I ain’t never easy, never scared, why you tryin’?
Your gimmick make me sicky
What you sellin’ I ain’t buyin’
Man, I live up at the top so you keep climbin’
No they can never catch up
Me, I’m the chick that keep ‘em under pressure
And every nigga smell her wan’ sex her
They say they wan’ protect her
But really they just wan’ kiss and caress her
Now sit your ass down
Cause class is now in session
They like…


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Rollin’ papers and rollin’ Swishers
Gettin’ high as a light fixture
In the club with a bag of money
Gettin’ beckoned from a white stripper
Watch cold as an igloo
Chain cold as an icicle
You might think I’m ballin’ out
But this is how I live my life, nigga
You say that’s your wife, not tonight, nigga
I’mma spend the night with her, stick this pipe to her
When she leave, she say my name
Juicy J, he did his thing
I’m leavin’ with her best friend
She know what’s up, we trippy, mane
She want a hustler on his job, not you foo-foo niggas
She want a hustler on his job, I got beaucoup figures
All across the nation, take your chick on vacation
I’m gettin’ dome while I’m in a foreign racin’

Bad, bad, bad, bad, she bad, bad, oh…
Oh, she bad, bad…

[Hook x2]

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