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The world's at its end
Fuck it
We want the money and the power
And go out with a bang

[Hook: Cold 187um]
Cause it's the end of the world
And still niggas ain't got no satisfaction
So I take my 9 put it on my chest bust some cop in his head
Now I'm blastin'
Cause I'm known as a G
And I'm coming from the C-P-T
And you should know
Bitch ass niggas runnin' back
Can't fuck with Eazy
[w/ Kokane - several times]
Wet 'em up

[Verse 1]
This is a real life jack in progress
Nigga, give up your shit or take two to the chest with the cripness
Cause I ain't fuckin' around, G
So take a look at a real live nigga that's crazy
And get ready to die, loc
Any last words
Before your ass gets smoked, it ain't a joke
Because my pockets is broke my friend
That's why I gotta do you in
Give up your ends and your gold and your brand new Nike's
And anything else I might like
And then I'm off in the wind again
To catch the next sucker
Slippin' takin' two to the chin
I'm on a role two niggas in one night
Didn't even have to fight
Just pulled out my 9 to end anothers life
That's real life so forget the silly shit you heard
Now nigga tell me, do you have any last words


[Verse 2]
Another murder I committed made front page
A nigga dead from a drive-by, did him with a 12 gauge
The first stage of insanity
People say it ain't wise, to get faded of the St. Ides
A mother cries, another son lies in a casket
Life was fun while it lasted
That silly bastard had to get caught
Trippin' and set trippin'
You should have seen that niggas blood drippin'
To many lives took
To many hearts broke
But you don't hear me, you just see my fuckin' gun smoke
Some ask why do I take so many lives from
The innocent little ones
But where I come from
We take shit real
You peel caps so you get your fuckin' cap peeled
Grab your steel, forget about what you heard
It's do or die, nigga
Any last words


[Verse 3]
I got the 9 and I'm pullin', straight creep
Feel I need to take anothers life, so I peep
Checkin' the scene but stayin' low
So I'm not seen, case I gotta get away
Gotta make the shit clean, G
So I'm lookin' for a victim
Gotta be right took my time and I picked him
Scoped shit, then I licked him
Now I'm back in the news no clues but yet another murder
You should have heard the nigga squill when I stuck his ass
I had to grin cause it's funny, nigga, fuck his ass
He ain't the last and surely ain't the first, G
But his monkey ass rolled away in a hearse, G
So I'm feelin' some what relieved
Just another day in the life of the Eazy
A real G, so forget the silly shit you heard
It's do or die, Eazy-E gets that last word


capa do álbum It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa de Eazy-E

Gravadora: Ruthless Records
Faixa: 3

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