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If we compromise, the sun will rise

Become the pioneer who saturates the Earth
The magnificent breath that was given to this world
That is perceived by the five senses
What God created it?
Where did we drift from?
Did you reach this land?
After the time of an eternal soul?

Is the love of the land only subordination to enormous power?
What God created this thing that we feel inside?

A cry of innumerable souls jostling each other
It is the change of fragrant seasons
May the power be with the breath to be born

When the sun lights up the land again, I will remember the joy of the birth

When a blue leaf falls a silence descends upon the world It is too late to listen to Is it really so?
Can you hear the land crying out?
Who killed this land?
Who dropped this day?
Is this a world where (I am an illusion) I am not an illusion?

We live on this planet.
Forever will we
Don't destroy the only place to stay
There cannot be us anymore once it's broken

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