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Rock The Show (feat. Dub Flow)


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Verse 1

Walk up in the venue with a hand full of matches and a can full of gas it’s about to go down, Mixed up the tunes and infused them with fumes, boom! That’s how you rock the crowd, Level up prestige now enhance the pliers, Gotta grip on the game so they can’t deny us, On ya feet let me see you put your hands up higher, Feel the heat coming off of that amplifier, We come through and treat the stage like a seek and destroy, hitting punches like a modern day beastie boy, So one more time I need all of ya’ll to get hype, And fight for the right to party all damn night, Special delivery, you got mail, I came to spit flames and I will not fail, Amped up as hell you can tell from the shot trail, Redbull, Coldcock, Molotov cocktails, Get a ticket and come witness these wicked Bizarre tendencies, Straight from the heart, pumping and giving my bars energy, Stretching this art because its best if its artillery, Reppin the arch reckon that makes you the arch enemy, Ejecting these lames, rejecting ya dames, the best when I flex through these flames wow, I step in the game, I wreck em with range, the rest of you check out the aim bloaw, Chorus


Verse 2

Don’t stop when u cold cock, pirates don’t pick teams, jus stick u up for ur whisky with a Flint lock, can full of kerosene, pocket full of Flint rocks, how I get the club. Hot the roof the roof is on fire, like the mic In the booth it moves it shoots, straight to the stage and it hoops it loops it shoots, out to the fans and they groove it boost the mood, we boot scootch boogey till our screws are loose my dude, coo-coo, I ain’t sane at all but I’ll pretend for y’all until I’m in a padded wall, a soon as they all thought that it was safe to rap income back on the attack, like I’m hip hops jaws, dun dun, ur whole squad better run son, dub spit, double the voltage of any stun gun, old nuns clinch both buns, whenever my tongue lunge, stunned by the fact I’m immaculately dropping hot dung, Voltron form blazing sword, scorch the score on the score board, slash in the D, for the discrepancies forever more, for every cord, every drum sticks broken when the drums kick, u like that, turn it up, blow both of these speakers and have them burning up, turn down for what, learn from us, if you got two hands here’s ur chance throw em up.


Verse 3

And I’m back with a vengeance, Back to attack this rapping Olympics, Strapped with a backpack packed full of writtens, Straight to the top of the map and back in an instance, This is rap intermission nah this is what rapping is missing, Quality entertainment, facts and opinions I’m talking to myself, you just happen to listen, Destruction disaster the damage is deep, We duck all the dust and we dash the debris, Devastation and havoc dispatch the police Let em know that this man is dismantling beats Please pay attention this is the scene, he wants to leave but she want to see, she wants to meet but he won’t agree, He wants to flee but she wants the D, They can’t get enough they loving our sound, Time to erupt it’s time to get loud, It about time we rumble the ground jump up and up and get down, Jump jump put ya hands up, Jump jump put ya hands up, Jump up and up and get down,

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