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I’m headed for the lights, headed for my city
Headed for my future if you’re not too busy
Maybe you could ride with me, so pull up your todd britches
Got that homicide sickness all I needs an eye witness
Who can properly depict between skills and shit
Between real and fixed between deals and tricks
A damn shame, my niggas won’t change for shit
Still trapped behind chains and whips
Yo, these fucking cowards sit in towers
Building idols you can follow
Keep it catchy, keep it simple, keep it empty, keep it hollow
I brush it off my shoulder and straighten up my collar
I believe there’s a much higher power than that mighty dollar
Here’s a letter to my efforts and the truth is enclosed
Our enemies will flee when their troops are exposed
All the money and the fame, the jewels and the clothes
Will never be able to heal the wounds on your soul

Trust me I know at times it’s tough
See we all fall down,
But it’s a must that we get back up
And we will never fall, we’ll rise above it all
I’m trying to tell you homie anything is possible
Overcome any obstacle, aint no way they’ll be stopping you
You know we’ll never fail, together we’ll prevail
And I would never want to lose these scars
They remind me that life is hard but I’m still reaching for the stars
And we will never fall, we’ll rise above it all
I try to tell them like blocka blocka this is Viva La Raza
Long live the people trust me they will never stop us
And we will never fail, together we’ll prevail

capa do álbum Prevail de Discrepancies

Gravadora: 1182149 Records DK
Faixa: 1

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