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Gibberish (feat. Andy Milonakis And Andre Legacy)

Dirt Nasty

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[Hook 1: Dirt Nasty]
Gibberish, g-g-gibberish
We talking all that stupid shit
Gibberish, g-g-gibberish
We be talking that stupid shit

[Dirt Nasty]
I'm Andy, I like birds and candy
Legacy gonna murder your family
And you can ask James Gandolfini
Who the best mafia hitman Sopran-is

[Andre Legacy]
Let me tell you how we do this shit
Three Buddhists at a nudist beach
Listening to Judas Priest
We stuck your grandmaw and your Jewish neice

[Andy Milonakis]
You ever put your cock in veal
It's kind of like playing the glockenspiel
The beat goes bingo-bongo
Chicken with broccoli

[Hook 1]

[Dirt Nasty]
Have you ever sucked a falcon's dick
It's kind of like being John Malkovich
Lava flow on my Jewish tits

[Andy Milonakis]
Smoking meth at the ?
My dog's retarded, he don't bark right
My blunt is sparked right
Surfed the internet and got a shark bite

[Andre Legacy]
People think I'm crazy
Andre Legacy, what's up baby
Never had to work at Old Navy
I sold drugs, I boned old ladies

[Hook 2: Andy Milonakis]
Gibberish, it's gibberish
My favorite candy is licorice
Gibberish, it's gibberish

[Andre Legacy gibberish]
[Andy Milonakis gibberish]

[Dirt Nasty]
Crammed my cock in a camera box
Slam my dick in the Santa socks
Panoramic after thoughts
Peeling back my banana log

[Andre Legacy]
Who got the bitches?
I need crack, I came with Tom ?
And that little crazy midget
Mini Me, he got the biggest baby dick

[Andy Milonakis]
Skin soft like a baby bottom
Finger wimpy and stink palm olive
Take a piss in the pee-pee room
I hope that you will see me soon

[Dirt Nasty]
Put my boinker right in her oinker
Fat Indian bitch from ?
Now I'm gonna give you a few pointers
Don't eat her out if it smells like oyster

[Andre Legacy]
All we are is dust in the wind
Smoke dust then cash the chips in
Las Vegas to Michigan
Commissioner ?

[Andy Milonakis]
Your titties smell like a Christmas tree
When it's nice out, I kiss the sky
I lost my dick in ?
You're Heathcliff and my name is Mongo

[Hook 3: Andre Legacy]
Gibberish, g-g-gibberish
This ain't exactly English
Gibberish, g-g-gibberish
This ain't exactly English

[Hook 1: Dirt Nasty]

[Hook 2: Andy Milonakis]

[Dirt Nasty gibberish]
[Andre Legacy gibberish]
[Andy Milonakis gibberish]

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