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This Is The Message Of The Cross

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This is the message of the cross,
That we can be free
To live in the victory,
And turn from our sin
My precious Lord, Jesus,
With sinners You died
For there you revealed
Your love and you laid down
Your life
This is the message of the cross,
than we can be free
To lay all our burdens here,
At the foot of the tree
The cross was the shame of the world,
But the glory of God For Jesus,
You conquered sin and
You gave us new life
You set me free when
I came to the cross
Poured out Your blood for
I was broken and lost
There I was healed and
You covered my sin
It's there You saved me,
This is the message of the cross
This is the message of the cross,
That we can be free
To hunger for heaven, to hunger for Thee
"The cross is such foolishness
To the perishing
But to us who are being
Saved it is the power of God"
You set us free when
We come to the cross
You pour out Your blood
For we are broken and lost
Here we are healed and
You cover out sin
It's here You save us...

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