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Deep Purple


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A sort of 3 part of concert about the month of april. the first
Section is played by just jon and ritchie. jon played piano and
Organ, and ritchie played acoustic guitar (a rhythm pattern and
A double tracked lead pattern) and electric guitar. the choir
Was added afterwards. the whole section used about 11 different
Tracks. also ian on timpani can be heard in the background. the
Second section is jon's orchestral description of april. the
Instruments used were : two flutes, two oboes, cor anglais, two
Clarinets, two violins, viola and two cellos. the third section
Is a treatment of the chord sequence of the first section in a
More "purple" way. as a whole, we hope april hangs
Together as personal evocation of a beautiful, but sad (to us)
April is a cruel time
Even though the sun may shine
And world looks in the shade as it slowly comes away
Still falls the april rain
And the valley's filled with pain
And you can't tell me quite why
As i look up to the grey sky
Where it should be blue
Grey sky where i should see you
Ask why, why it should be so
I'll cry, say that i don't know

Maybe once in a while i'll forget and i'll smile
But then the feeling comes again of an april without end
Of an april lonely as they come
In the dark of my mind i can see all too fine
But there is nothing to be done when i just can't feel the sun
And the springtime's the season of the night

Grey sky where it should be blue
Grey sky where i should see you
Ask why, why it should be so
I'll cry, say that i don't know
I don't know

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