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Game Time

Crooked I

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I’m ..for the under door
You grove me for the under door
I move it for the under door
‘cause i am the under door
This game time

The world on my shoulders i’m riskin it all
I hear to fight until it’s over winnin to draw
It’s game time, it’s game time x 3
I got the sun in my eyes, my heart beating heavy
And i’ve been waiting all my life to show you i’m ready
It’s game time, it’s game time x 3

They probably stop me but i know can’t
A bullshit a quitter i ain’t
Niggas yellin at they going so hard in the paint
F*ck that I’d rather been going hard in the bank
Here we go time to prove I’m the very best
Post to .. Kelly niggas call me Jerry West
Had the croft but we .. now we’re taking steps
This is underdog is a .. step up and place the bags
The people;e champ i’m like a .. and master card
That five dues i’m like the sicty in the doubl R
I’m rich rollin i don’t bang i don’t just hustle hard
To see your .. i let the plan who the f*ck we are
That’s .. out i came so far but i got so far to ghost ..
I don’t give a f*ck i ghost him get out of way I’ll be ..
This is how we do the shit after .. all i know you not retreat
I’m bout to though I’m bout to ..

Is game time and i’m about to kick it all
Is game time, let’s get it how we’re livin
I’ma get it on, i’ma skin and ball
But i’ma livin on this skinin ball
This earth, this work i’ma get it ball
This game is a p**sy i’ma hear to roll
Speed it bro one day I’m walking through
her I’m say you’ll never make it
girl who you’re talking to
i do what bosses do, take a look in my office you
on the road to success i know I’ll take a loss for two
what you call a setback, i call a challenge if i fall
i know i get back, it’s all a balance
i’m tied up my clubs tight as you bout to be my punching back
right before that cross flow i hear them with a hundred ..
all i need in this life for saint is me and y hustling
haters you gonna pop an .. back yelling ..
i hear you with the virgin face that i don’t give a fuck

All i need in this life for saint is me and my hustling
All i need in this life for saint is me and my hustling


Gravadora: Astralwerks
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