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Compton's Most Wanted

This Is a Gang

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Niggas duck as i make another hit, the psycho just dont quit.
And i'm living in the land of the fucked up shit.
I guess everybody's hungry for the mutherfucking snaps.
That's why my niggas peel caps.
Got you on the damn run like ron brown.
And when we start to clown, we shut your whole fucking hood down.
And i see some hesitation.
I shot your homey 3 months ago, so wheres the fucking retatiation.
No, i didn't think so.
Another punk bitch i pimped like a hoe.
Mmm i dont think you sorry clowns wanna see me.
Age 13 living life like a b.g.
Hand me the damn 38 so i can set the score straight
And let the enemy meet his fate.
In it to win it and i don't give a fuck!
Yo listen up.

[this is a gang, and i'm in it.]
[compton's most wanted, punk, rolling 4 deep]
[this is a gang, and i'm in it.]
[you don't like how i'm living well fuck you]

2 years pass in o.b.g.
Spent half of my life in l.p.
Geah, now i'm out and i'm ready to sweat
A sorry fool who aint down with my fucking set.
Nigga, stay clear of the gun blast.
If you thinking about ducking you better duck fast.
Oops, too late you got popped in the process.
Another point for the hood, one laid to rest.
Like a cannibal, i wanna see meat.
Killing punk fools from the wrong side of the street.
Me and the homies rolling 4 deep.
Niggas on the run all strapped with fucking guns.
Ain't no time for you to think about ducking
When we start thinking who we start sticking.
Like i said, i don't give a fuck.
Yo listen up.

[this is a gang, and i'm in it.]
[compton's most wanted, punk, rolling 4 deep]
[this is a gang, and i'm in it.]
[you don't like how i'm living well fuck you]
[this is a gang...compton's most wanted]
[this is a gang...punk rolling 4 deep.]
[this is a gang, and i'm in it.]
[you don't like how i'm living well fuck you]

A tisket, a tasket,
Geah i see another one of your homies in a casket.
And to me thats a fucking shame
Cause your r.i.p. 3 and no ones to blame.
Fool, can't deal when we roll on your fucking set.
Call me a threat because you know i aint dont yet.
So i feel i gotta warn ya,
Me and my crew kill fucking transformers.
Geah, toe to toe in the middle of the street.
Turn the other cheek as the eiht commence to beat.
And i really can't stand this.
One more right to your fucking jaw as your ass hit the canvas.
Now my niggas on the run stomp.
As the compton criminals, we down another punk chump.
Like i said cmw dont give a fuck.
Geah, listen up.

Geah, back for the mutherfucking nine deuce.
Mc eiht, dj slip in the mutherfucking house. geah.

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